Love and desire for this breed was so deep that I could not resist it. In 2005, when Oona's
Heart Somayeds litter was born, I got a gift, a little puppy girl called Anaya...


quality standards

" Quality and not Quantity". My goal is to produce healthy and sound Samoyeds with good working skills, that also meet the FCI Standard. I operate a small show kennel, and have a great interest in dog exhibitions. I actively campaign my show team both here in  Slovenia and as well all over Europe. Several of my dogs have achieved a fine exhibition merits and Champions and International Champion titles. My bloodlines incorporate dogs from around the world to improve upon our foundations.


quality puppies

I breed very selectively for my next show dogs. Not all dogs are destined for the show ring however, and these are the babies I offer for sale when I have them available.  Keeping in mind that I breed for supreme health, conformation and temperament, all puppies, regardless of show and pet designation, are raised with the same care and love. I expose my puppies to the same conditions that they would experience in your home. They are used to vacuum cleaners, radios, televisions and rides in the car.