Due to their friendly disposition, Samoyed dogs make poor guard dogs, however,they are very loyal companions and remain playful into old age.

They are also highly intelligent, yet they often use their intelligence for their own benefit (oftentimes they are wittier than their owners). Owners often give up on them due to their stubbornness. Since Samoyed dogs were primarily sledge dogs, it often happens that unless they are trained, they drag their owners behind them rather than walking alongside their owners.

The Samoyed is suitable for people who like to spend a lot of time outside in nature and like to include their dog into their activities. They always like to be around people and see something going on around them, because they don´t like to be left alone. The ideal place for a Samoyed to live is house with garden so they can be around people as much as possible. They also addapt to living in an apartment, but it takes a bit more work and adapting.

We do not recommend them to people that are not active and where a dog would spend a lot of time on their own. The Samoyed´s coat is also pretty demanding and they shed a lot. That´s why they are not suitable for people who can´t stand dog hair on their clothes and furniture and aren´t ready to spend some time grooming their Samoyed.