The hair of Samoyed is composed of two types of coat: the COVERING COAT, straight, silky and brillant; the UNDERCOAT is soft and woolly, to protect the skin. In spite of appearance, the Samoyed’s coat doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. It is a coat that doesn’t get dirty easily. But oh-no, a white dog!!! How do you keep them clean?

Samoyeds shed twice a year, losing the thick winter coat in spring and gaining the thicker coat in autumn again. The coat protects them from cold, heat and sun. During sheding, they are losing big amounts of coat so it is necessary to comb them thoroughly at least twice a week. It is very important that a puppy learns to accept grooming as something positive.

When brushing a samoyede, we need to brush from the skin towards the top of the hair. We also need to pick appropriate brushes and combs. The coat is naturally white and not very demanding. Because the Samoyedes don´t have greasy skin and hair, they don´t have strong odour, unless the coat is wet (from the rain etc.). Even when the coat gets wet it drys off very quickly and all the dirt falls off. That is the advantage, because the coat only needs to be brushed after a walk in the rain :)

Occasionally they need to be bathed. Before wetting the coat, it needs to be thoroughly brushed out, to remove dead hair and tangles. Chose appropriate professional shampoo for white coat, that normally needs to be dilutet with water. Wet the coat, shampoo, rinse out and repeat. Make sure all the shampoo is rinsed out as it can cause itching if not washed out completely. Wipe the coat with towels and dry it with a hair-dryer. The good nutrition plays also an important part for the quality and color of the coat.

Don´t forget the teeth and nails. To remove tartar and bacteria from teeth we recommend brushing the teeth with a toothbrush, usind a dog tooth-paste or salted water. The puppies should get used to that as early as possible. It is also recommended givind your Samoyed artificial bones or treats that clean teeth. If a dog is walking on an asphalt enough, the nails will be short enough, otherwise we need to shorten them every now and then with a doggy nail clipper.

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